This Alcohol-Free Beer Syrup Lets You Enjoy a Boozy Breakfast Without the Buzz

Kirstin Fawcett
The Beer Syrup Company, LLC
The Beer Syrup Company, LLC / The Beer Syrup Company, LLC

Think booze and breakfast don’t mix? The Beer Syrup Company wants to change your mind.

Russ Meredith, a bartender from Louisville, has created a line of craft beer-based syrups that can be poured over pancakes, French toast, and other morning meals. According to Meredith, you can taste the brew’s flavor, but you won’t get a buzz; while hoppy and malty, his syrups contain less than one percent alcohol.

Beer syrup is essentially a variation of simple syrup in which beer is substituted for water. Bartenders have long produced their own homemade variations on the recipe, but Meredith hopes to be the first one to bottle a perfected—and legal—formula and sell it to the masses sans liquor license.

So far, Meredith has developed three types of beer syrup—mocha porter, pecan nut brown, and bourbon barrel stout—and plans to make more. After peddling the syrups online and through local markets, he recently launched The Beer Syrup Company along with a Kickstarter campaign to get the business off the ground. If the campaign reaches its goal by November 1, pre-orders of syrup will be shipped to customers by December—just in time for Christmas brunch. 

[h/t Outside]