The Man Who Scans Newspapers

Chris Higgins
YouTube / ReasonTV
YouTube / ReasonTV / YouTube / ReasonTV

Retired engineer Tom Tryniski has single-handedly created an enormous newspaper database, composed of more than 33 million pages of historic newspapers. For a decade and a half, he has run his used microfilm scanner and his knowledge of computers to digitize, index, and make the newspapers available for free. By comparison, the Library of Congress maintains a similar newspaper archive...with just 5 million pages. Tryniski is beating the Library of Congress, both in terms of volume of pages and traffic to them, by himself. The quality of his product may not be up to LoC standards, but for the price, it's an amazing effort. Here's his story:

If video isn't your thing, check out Jim Epstein's profile of Tryniski at Reason.

[h/t Kottke.]