Artist Transforms Her Childhood Home Into a Snarling Monster

Michele Debczak

When Christine McConnell offered to decorate her parents' home for Halloween, she went for a less traditional look: Instead of decking it out with ghouls and demons, she decided to transform the house itself into a six-eyed monster. If her parents are at all familiar with her work, which includes stylized photographs that pay homage to movies like Alien, Ghostbusters, and Friday the 13th, this should have come as no surprise. 

Over 189,000 people follow McConnell’s Instagram for pictures of elaborate baked goods and self-portraits that mix creepy pop culture with a Stepford Wives aesthetic. Her epic Halloween creation has already gained a frenzy of attention both online and around the neighborhood. Come Halloween night, the finished product will either attract brave children in droves or have them running in the opposite direction. To check more of McConnell’s spooky creations, you can follow her on Instagram

[h/t: Mashable