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Giant, Fully-Functioning LEGO Caravan Breaks World Record

Rebecca OConnell

A team of 12 professional builders broke the world record for largest caravan built with interlocking plastic bricks last week. The fully-functional camper was created with 215,158 LEGO bricks in Birmingham, England and took more than 1000 hours over 12 weeks to complete. Motorcycle racer Carl “Foggy” Fogarty and BBC TV presenter Matt Baker ceremoniously attached the last bricks. Now fans can take in the project, measuring 7.2 feet tall by 11.8 feet long, at the LEGO event BRICK 2015 in Birmingham, England, from October 29 to November 1.

As per the Guinness World Record guidelines, the caravan is a traditional "teardrop" shape. And just like a real camper, the creation has running water and working lights. It also has small details like toothbrushes and a usable chess set. The kitchen is not real, but its simulation is very convincing—there's even a collection of food in the fridge.