Artist Creates Pool Tables Shaped Like Food

Rebecca OConnell
cléon daniel
cléon daniel / cléon daniel

Are you bored of traditional pool tables, and maybe also a little hungry? Artist Cléon Daniel has just the thing.

With the help of a retired carpenter, Daniel was able to construct two working pool tables: One shaped like a banana, and more recently, one shaped like a Simpsons-esque doughnut. 

Daniel's doughnut table features a bright pink frosting felt wrap and a big hole in the center. Players are encouraged to climb in and take a shot. Instead of solids and stripes, the table has pink and yellow balls, which are meant to look like sprinkles as they roll around the table.

While the tables might not please curmudgeonly conservative tabletop sports players, their construction was in line with traditional process for most pool tables—the only thing about them that's different is the shape.

You can't eat this wonderful creation, but you can see it on display at the Garden of Earthly Delights exhibit, which is part of London's Frieze Art Fair.

[h/t: Design Boom]