Get Happy: Swing Dancers Dance to Hip-Hop (and Vice Versa)

Chris Higgins
Vimeo / Alain Wong
Vimeo / Alain Wong / Vimeo / Alain Wong

Prepare to smile.

At the Montreal Swing Riot in 2015, two dance crews performed a battle, swapping musical styles. In other words, the Modern Street Dancers (a.k.a. hip-hop dancers) performed to swing music, while the Vintage Street Dancers (a.k.a. swing dancers) performed to hip-hop. The level of joy is overwhelming, as the two crews dance, poke fun at each other, and grin through the whole thing. In the final round, they return to their preferred styles, saving some of their best moves for last.

This may not be the greatest dance number ever filmed, but it's tremendous fun, and it will make you want to dance. Enjoy:

Swing Dancers vs. Street Dancers @ Montreal Swing Riot 2015 from Alain Wong on Vimeo.

Alain Wong described the battle like so (note the names of the crews and dancers):

[h/t: Waxy.]