Just when you thought you had memorized every last zombie groan and grunt in Night of the Living Dead, George Romero’s genre-defining horror classic, the 75-year-old director has discovered nine minutes of lost footage.

Earlier this month, Romero was in Maryland for Monster-Mania Con, where he shared that he recently unearthed a 16mm work print of the film, which features approximately nine minutes of previously thought-to-be-lost footage at the jump cut in the basement, including “the largest zombie scene in the film.”

Romero found the print while assisting Martin Scorsese on a new restoration of the film. Though details on Marty’s plans for the movie are scarce (the assumption is that it will be released on Blu-ray), horror fans are hopeful that the zombie movie to end all zombie movies will be reassembled with the never-before-seen scene firmly intact ... regardless of how Barbra might react.


[h/t Atlas Obscura]