This Furniture Can Be Used as Storage For Your Bike

Michele Debczak
Chol1 / Chol1

Even when it’s not in motion, a well-crafted bike can still put on a show. Instead of storing gear in the closet or the hallway, Chilean designer Manuel Rossel invites cyclists to transform their bikes into statement pieces with this furniture line.

The pieces available from Chol1 include shelves, sideboards, a desk, and a sofa, each with grooves perfectly shaped to nestle the wheels of a bike. On their own, the wooden pieces are elegant and minimalist, but the addition of a bicycle brings a stylish functionality to any space it inhabits. 

After a long commute, many urban cyclists come home to cramped apartments that aren’t ideal for storing bulky bikes. This furniture is a smart way to maximize space without marking up your walls and incurring the wrath of your landlord. The products are available for purchase locally in Chile, or you can get them shipped to you internationally from their website

All Images Courtesy of Chol1

[h/t: Ignant]