Now You Can Order Room Service Via Emoji


For many hotel guests, room service is already the ultimate guilty pleasure. But one establishment is making it even more gratifying by allowing their lodgers to order room service with as little human interaction as possible. 

Aloft Hotel in Manhattan’s financial district recently launched a new feature that lets guests get packages delivered to their rooms by texting a short series of emojis. The service is called Text it, Get it—or the shortened TiGi, if spelling that out is too strenuous for weary travelers. Every room will now include a menu of six packages that guests can peruse. After texting a pill, a water droplet, and a banana emoji to the hotel, a guest will receive their “Hangover” package which includes two bottles of Vitaminwater, Advil, and two bananas. Texting a chocolate bar, a cookie, and a lollipop will produce their “Munchies” package, and texting just a gift emoji will send over the “Surprise Me” package which contains $25 worth of “fun swag and cool stuff.” 

Unfortunately, guests do have to include some actual text in their messages for the service to work. Along with the emojis, they have to specify their last name and room number. For now the feature is only available in one location, but Aloft says they may be expanding it to Europe, Asia, and the rest of their U.S. hotels within the coming weeks. 

[h/t: Mashable]