William Shatner Is Launching His Own Comic Book Imprint

Andrew LaSane
YouTube / YouTube

Having already mastered the stage, television, film, and music, William Shatner has decided to shift his focus to the realm of comic books, teaming up with LNL Partners to launch his own imprint called Shatner Singularity. According to Comic Book Resources, more details on the new project will be shared during a panel at Comikaze Expo 2015 on November 1. But what has already been revealed is that the actor will follow his Man O' War graphic novel with more writing, and that another Shatner Singularity debut will be a new graphic novel by none other than Stan Lee.

There are no hints as to the subject or titles of either Shatner's or Lee's new books, so fans of both icons will have to wait until the Expo for more information. "With its Cinematic Graphic Novels™ LNL Partners has created a unique new genre," said Shatner. "After proving to be a powerful and compelling platform for Man O’ War, I am delighted to have the format serve to showcase other works under the Shatner Singularity imprint. It is a particular joy and honor for my imprint to host work from my friend Stan Lee. As Stan himself is fond of saying, ‘nuff said!"

[h/t The Daily Dot]