Survey Reveals What Americans Fear the Most

Caitlin Schneider

Chapman University

Everyone has their own unique set of fears—from holes to politicians to the fear of fear itself. There are certain recurring threads though, and Chapman University conducted a survey earlier this year to find out what those commonalities are.

In the annual Chapman University Survey on American Fears, 1541 people were asked to rate their level of fear on 88 common anxiety-inducers on a scale of 1 (not afraid) to 4 (very afraid). The specific fears were organized under umbrella terms (referred to as a “Domain of Fear”), with results showing that “Man-Made Disasters” and “Technology” have the highest average fear score. Specifically, the corruption of government officials, cyber-terrorism, corporate tracking of personal information, and terrorist attacks trumped things like insects or heights.

The above infographic illustrates the top results, but click here for more (as well as the complete list of fears), and here for the methodology.

[h/t New York Magazine]