In Wales, People Run Marathons Against Horses—and Sometimes Win

Shaunacy Ferro

Bruce Springsteen isn’t the only one who’s born to run. Most people are, actually. In the animal kingdom, people aren’t the fastest or the strongest athletes, but they do have relatively great endurance. Need proof? Try the Man versus Horse Marathon, where runners compete side-by-side with horses (and their riders). 

NPR’s science channel Skunk Bear took a field trip to the 600-person town of Llandwrtyd Wells, Wales (you’ll have to watch the video to figure out how to pronounce that one) to get a glimpse of the 36th year of the unusual event this past June. 

While many horses have won in the past, the equines don’t always take the prize. Why? Humanity's big butts, for one. Check out the video to learn more about why humans are such excellent distance runners. 

Banner image screenshot via YouTube