A Carpet Designed to Ease Your Anxiety

Rebecca OConnell
Charlotte Jonckheer 
Charlotte Jonckheer  / Charlotte Jonckheer 

Anxiety can be overwhelming, but there are plenty of anecdotal tricks to help alleviate that stress. Designer Charlotte Jonckheer hopes to introduce one more remedy, in the form of a furry carpet. While there is no scientific background behind this project, Jonckheer hopes pacing on the material can help buyers relax. 

The rug is named Pas Perdus after the French phrase, la selle des pas perdus, meaning "the hall of the lost steps." It refers to any hallway good for pacing, but originates from courthouses in the 19th century, when people would nervously await their verdicts. As the moniker suggests, the carpet is intended to be walked on. 

To create the product, Jonckheer used horsehair, wool, cotton, and chenille in patches, so that someone walking with bare feet could enjoy different feelings and sensations as they pace. Some of the carpet is long and shag-like, while other bits are short. The relaxing home accent allows the user to take a moment to unwind and feel the fur in between their toes. 

[h/t: Co.Design]