The World’s Most Annoying Teddy Bear Won’t Stop Singing Until You Destroy It

Cornelius Malcolm Wilson, Kickstarter
Cornelius Malcolm Wilson, Kickstarter / Cornelius Malcolm Wilson, Kickstarter

Eight-year-old Mikayla Wilson has a wicked sense of humor. With the help of her father, Cornelius Malcolm Wilson, the elementary schooler has invented the ultimate prank gift: A teddy bear that won’t stop singing until you destroy it.

The Wilsons spent more than two years developing the unstoppable bear, though they were less concerned with aesthetics than with maximizing the amount of time it would continue to sing. The final version of the bear—which is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign—will belt out “Happy Birthday” for around three-and-a-half hours straight. 

The elder Wilson explains that he and Mikayla came up with the idea for the bear together. “We love to play jokes on people and thought what an awesome idea it would be to ship a musical teddy bear to someone that would not stop singing.” 

But producing the bears is no joke for Cornelius. On Kickstarter, he explains that he wants to use the experience to teach Mikayla about business: “This will be a learning experience for her in business and she will assist with packaging the items. I started business in elementary school, so why not her too?”

[h/t: Mashable]