Infographic: How LEGO Brick Colors Have Changed Throughout the Years


The humble LEGO brick is pretty simple as toys go, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed since the Danish company’s first stud-and-tube shapes appeared almost 60 years ago.

Brickset Forum user DaveE looked at LEGO brick inventories from the past 40 years, illustrating how the colors of LEGOs have evolved throughout the decades. The early 2000s showed a lot more green bricks than other years (perhaps a lot of soccer-themed sets came out?) and the proportion of red and blue bricks has definitely gone down, he found. 

Check out the resulting infographic to see the breakdown of hues per year:

Click to see a larger version. Image Credit:DaveE via Brickset Forum

It’s not the prettiest infographic, but it does reveal that LEGO has gotten really into shades of gray.

[h/t: Flowing Data]