Delicious Meals Knit From Wool

Shaunacy Ferro

It’s not polite to play with your food, but how about cuddling it? Jessica Dance, an art director and prop stylist, knits entire meals out of yarn, wholly redefining the idea of soft foods.

Created for a “comfort food” issue of the UK magazine Stylist, Dance’s soft, lambswool foodstuffs include a wedge of Swiss cheese, a deliciously frosted doughnut, beans on toast, and super-pillowy mashed potatoes, set with soft cutlery. 

She made all of these tasty wool treats on a knitting machine. I will admit as a non-crafty person I did not know those existed until just now, so it’s an educational project too.

I would love to sleep with a stuffed doughnut instead of a stuffed animal, personally.

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[h/t Colossal]

All images by David Sykes via Jessica Dance