This Greeting Card Plays a Vinyl Record

YouTube / Techmoan
YouTube / Techmoan / YouTube / Techmoan

If you like giving novelty cards, things are about to get spooky.

Mat from the YouTube channel Techmoan came across a greeting card that is a (barely) functional turntable, complete with a small 45rpm record containing a birthday message.

The card/record player requires a bunch of assembly, a 10 pence coin, and careful coordination to hand-turn the record. The result is a ghostly warbling sound from the great beyond. But for a certain kind of nerd, this could be the perfect gift. Behold:

Apparently it is possible to play the record on a standard turntable, though the spindle hole may need adjustment. That would entirely defeat the purpose of the card, though. If you want to hear the birthday message in full fidelity, check out this page. Not nearly creepy enough; needs more warble.