This Twitter Game Lets You Choose Your Adventure


Inspired by today's social media experience and the pixelated aesthetic of old-school video games, artist and Twitter user Leon (@leyawn) has created an adventure game that can be played entirely on Twitter.

Aptly titled “Leon’s Cool Game,” the short choose-your-own-adventure story unfolds over several Twitter accounts. Animated GIFs tell the story, which follows protagonist Leon over the course of a single day, and players make in-game decisions by choosing which Twitter handle to click on. Players are asked to make seemingly innocuous decisions—like whether to pet a cat or answer a cell phone—but each choice has its own series of consequences, and therefore, its own mini-storyline.

But the most interesting thing about the game isn’t the story it tells but the way it uses Twitter to create an original experience—the clever little story is an impressive example of experimental game design, and a fun homage to gaming in the ‘80s and ‘90s. It's also perfect procrastination fodder. Check out a couple of our favorite GIFs below, or play the game from the beginning here.

[h/t: WIRED]