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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania
Kingston Police via Facebook
Kingston Police via Facebook / Kingston Police via Facebook

Pizza Oven Crash Landed in Street

An unidentified object was reported in the road, on fire, in Kingston, London, UK. Police were called about midnight Saturday.

A Kingston police spokesman said: "The officers that arrived on scene described the item as looking like a crash landed UFO."

The object turned out to be a pizza oven with a decorative mosaic finish. But it’s still a mystery as to how it came to be on the road, on fire, and who it belongs to. Before it was identified as an oven, Kingston Police asked Facebook users to guess what it is. Commenters are starting to come to the consensus that aliens who are hovering over Earth to monitor us accidentally lost their pizza oven.

Man (and Cat) Saved by Leap of Faith

A Frenchman in a small yacht was caught in rough seas off the coast of Alaska Tuesday. The Coast Guard responded to a distress call call following a location beacon. Royal Dutch Shell had boats in the area, and send their support ship the Tor Viking to rescue the man. The disabled boat was found in rough seas with 20-foot waves. A video was captured by the C-130 Hercules airplane that pinpointed the yacht’s location. In the video, the man is hanging on to a rigging pole at front of the boat. As the boat was tossed about, he jumped onto the Tor Viking head first. He was not the only one saved. Before he jumped, the man tucked his cat inside his coat.

Man in Wheelchair Gets DUI at Supermarket

Danny W. Mitchell of Conyers, Georgia, was cited for a DUI at a Kroger store last Friday. He was operating his motorized wheelchair at the time. Police were called because Mitchell was “backing into the building and driving over plants.” He submitted to a breath test, but the results were not disclosed. Mitchell admitted to drinking a pint of alcohol and taking Valium and Trazadone. He was at the supermarket to pick up a prescription.  

Actor Shot During Tombstone Reenactment

A group called the Tombstone Vigilantes reenact Old West gunfights three times a month in the streets of Tombstone Arizona. This past weekend, they were involved in the annual Helldorado Days festival. During the reenactment in front of the OK Corral on Sunday, group member Ken Curtis was shot by a real bullet and had to be airlifted to Banner-University Medical Center in Tucson. One of the reenactors had live bullets in his gun!

An investigation by the Tombstone Marshal's Office revealed the actor, Tom Carter, was late to the show and his weapon was not checked before the reenactment. He fired a live round during the gunfight and hit Ken Curtis, who is another actor. The show was immediately stopped to care for Curtis. He is undergoing surgery Sunday night to remove the bullet. Carter's weapon was checked after the incident. Investigators found that there was one live round in the cylinder with five expended casing, which indicates the gun had held six live round before the reenactment.

Curtis is in good condition after surgery. A spectator, Debbie Mitchell, was grazed in her neck, but refused medical treatment. A couple of other bullets were found to have hit buildings. The mayor of Tombstone has suspended further gunfights until safety issues are addressed.

Cat Recovering from Seven-Week Wine Bender

A Turkish Angora cat named Aljosha went missing from his home in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in late July. His owner, Claudia von Büren, searched for him and distributed missing cat flyers. As the weeks went by, they feared Aljosha would never be seen again. Seven weeks later, Aljosha reappeared, in need of veterinary care for alcohol poisoning. The cat had found his way into a neighbor’s wine cellar, where he broke three bottles over seven weeks and consumed the wine. Aljosha was not a picky drinker; the three bottles ranged in value from €5 to €20. After three days on an IV drip, the cat is recovering from his hangover. One lasting effect is that he doesn’t want to drink water, for fear that it might be wine. He will drink only milk.

Fifty Pounds of Pot Delivered to Wrong Address

An unexpected package was delivered to a house in Hazlet, New Jersey. It was addressed to a person who did not live there. The homeowner called police, who opened the package and found 50 pounds of marijuana! The Hazlet Township Police Department posted the find on Facebook, and in the post said,

If you were expecting these packages and would like to claim them, please come to Police Headquarters.

So far, no one has stepped forward to claim the package.