This Cube Is Made From Every Collectible Element on Earth

Element Cube via Kickstarter
Element Cube via Kickstarter / Element Cube via Kickstarter

There are 118 elements known to science, and now 62 of them have been compressed into a stylish paperweight. The Element Cube is a record-breaking alloy made from what UK designer Cillian McMinn claims is “every collectible element” on Earth. 

The project originated on Kickstarter, and has been funded more than five times over. Backers can pledge $76 or more to receive a 2-inch-square cube of their own. For just $30 you can receive the alloy in jewelry form, making it easy to wear the 62 elements around your wrist or neck wherever you go. 



A few entries from the comprehensive list of metals in the product include platinum, iron, gold, titanium, and zirconium. Unsurprisingly, radioactive elements like plutonium were left out. The cubes were produced by reducing the 62 metals into powdered form and pressing them together into different shapes, a process called powder metallurgy.

If you're wondering what type of person would be interested in owning an item like this, it turns out element collecting is a legitimate hobby. For someone whose life goal is to collect as many element samples as possible, knocking out 62 of them at once for $76 doesn’t sound like a bad deal. The Kickstarter campaign runs until November 10, and backers should expect to have their rewards shipped out in time for Christmas. 


[h/t: Geek]