Could Your Bunny Be the New Face of Trix?

Rebecca OConnell
trix, youtube
trix, youtube / trix, youtube

Sure, your pet rabbit is pretty cute, but is it cereal box cute? Trix just launched a campaign called #RealTrixRabbit to find the perfect rabbit to sell their fruity cereal. In January, General Mills will be relaunching Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, and other cereals without artificial colors and flavors. In honor of their newly "real" cereal, they're looking for a real bunny to mark the occasion.

The winner of the contest will appear on special limited edition boxes sold in his or her hometown.

Submissions will be accepted until November 8. The qualifications are not strict: "One is creativity. We also are looking for a good representation of the Trix Rabbit and the brand itself. Last, we want a bunny or a pet with bunny ears, whatever it might be, to really look cute and fun," said General Mills associate marketing director Steve Bruch.

You can check out some of the submissions here. As you can see, people are going all-out, putting their bunnies in bowls of cereal or dressing them in elaborate outfits.

[h/t AdWeek]