Meet Ulo the Owl, a Charming Security System


If you're going to have something watching your house, shouldn't it be secure and cute? Ulo is a precious gadget that monitors your house, takes pictures, and keeps you safe—all with the charm of a cartoon owl.

Everyone knows the eyes are the windows to the soul, so Ulo doesn't need more than a pair of extremely expressive peepers to communicate with you. Ulo's eyes will follow movement, squint when someone is watching the live feed, look sleepy with the battery is low, and wink when taking pictures. You can even change the color and size of its eyes on your phone to match it to your mood or interior.

For an added dose of cuteness, you give Ulo commands by bopping it on its little noggin. One tap turns it off, and two taps turns on alert mode. Once in alert mode, the avian spy will record any movements in your home and convert the video into a gif that can be sent to your email. Once you re-enter the house, your phone will connect to the Wi-Fi and Ulo will disengage automatically.

Ulo can stand on any surface or stick to the wall for the best vantage point. In alert mode, its battery lasts about a week; in everyday mode, it lasts about two days.

If you want to invite this robot into your house, you can fund the Kickstarter here