Tiny Cat Figurines Are a Great Substitute for Fortunes

Rebecca OConnell
Felissimo / Felissimo

Fortune cookies are getting a little stale—in both senses of the word. The tiny scrolls of paper offer only tidbits of cryptic advice, and no real insights into the future. There are plenty of better things you could find inside your cookie—namely, tiny cat figurines.

Cat-loving Japanese brand Felissimo is now selling fortune cookie alternatives called Dagashi Nyanko Kakurenbo, or Hide-and-Seek Kittie Candies. Each set comes with a pack of karinto sweets and two senbei rice crackers. Inside each triangular cracker, there's a miniature cat figurine. 

The trend of putting cat toys into cookies probably won't come to the United States (just look at Kinder Surprise Eggs), but you can buy a set online here. There are a number of patterns available, each sold in a different month. If you want the whole set, you'll have to wait and order a new set each month. 

All images from Felissimo.

[h/t: Bored Panda]