Ever wanted to live in one of your favorite movies? Mason McGrew really does. As part of their real-life remake of Toy Story 3, brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew, ages 19 and 16, painstakingly morphed Mason's room into Andy's room, with details right down to the stickers on the doors and the notes written on the whiteboard.

Some of the elements were lucky thrift store finds, like the green and red dart board on the back of the door. Others were made completely from scratch, such as the many posters and stickers that adorn Andy’s walls. Be sure to look for Easter eggs—I spy a Monsters Inc. sticker and a “Newt Xing” sign, which refers to a Pixar movie that ended up getting scrapped.

“The most challenging piece to recreate was the crescent moon headboard,” Morgan said. “My brother and I had to get help from our dad on that one. It was a tremendous amount of precise woodwork."

Hop over to the Pixarist to check out side-by-side comparisons of shots from the movie and pictures from the real room. It’s surprisingly hard to tell which is which.