‘World’s Smallest Stroller’ Collapses to the Size of a Handbag

Michele Debczak

Once it’s time to pack away a stroller, many parents have surely wished they could just fold it up and stick it in their pockets. The GB Pockit Stroller isn’t quite that compact, but it does collapse to a size small enough to fit in a backpack or under the seat of an airplane, earning it the Guinness World Record title of world’s smallest folding pram.

Developed by the international baby brand GB, the stroller was demonstrated earlier this week at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. It can be folded down to dimensions of 12-by-14-by-7 inches in a matter of seconds, and weighs only 9 pounds. Snapping it back open takes even less of an effort. Watch the stroller in action in the video below.

The stroller is designed to carry children as young as 6 months and weighing up to 55 pounds. When it’s made available for commercial purchase this spring, the Pockit will include a sunshade, a storage basket, and a five-point harness, and will come in six different colors. For customers who can afford the estimated $229 price tag, the product will make at least one part of parenting a little easier.

[h/t Mashable