A Musical Tribute to a Man Who Flew Away In His Lawn Chair


Michael Hearst's book Extraordinary People profiles some of the lesser-known heroes of American and world history—amazing humans like “The Yankee Leaper,” who jumped over Niagara Falls in 1829, and Roy Sullivan, who was hit by lightning seven different times. And he's celebrating the book launch with some musical odes to his subjects.

His latest song, complete with a video by Mitchell Craft, is about Larry Walters, a.k.a. Lawnchair Larry, a truck driver who in 1982 attached a reported 45 helium balloons to a lawn chair and soared above Los Angeles. With lyrics like “he packed himself a sandwich and a BB gun / and at the age of 33 he headed for the sun,” and news footage from the real event, the song is a cute musical tribute to an American folk hero.

And don’t forget Hearst’s previous entry in his "Songs for Extraordinary People," about tennis star Billie Jean King:

Banner image screenshot via YouTube