Tokyo’s Bookstore-Themed Hostel to Open in November

Michele Debczak
Book and Bed
Book and Bed / Book and Bed

Over the summer we learned that Tokyo is getting its own bookstore-themed hostel. Now, we know when it opens its doors: November 5.

The interior of Book and Bed looks like something out of a book lover's fantasy. Lining the shelves of the hostel are hundreds of English and Japanese titles. Books are even hung from the ceiling in a way that makes them appear as if they’re gliding overhead. Guests can read on one of the hostel’s sofas piled with pillows, or in their capsule-style sleeping quarters equipped with personal reading lamps. Some beds are even located behind the actual bookshelves, and guests can climb a ladder to access the second level. 

On their website, Book and Bed says the concept aims to capture the blissful experience of falling asleep with a book in hand after reading well into the night. While the books at this bookstore-themed hostel aren’t for sale, guests are free to read to their hearts' content for the duration of their stay. You can book your trip today for $32 to $50 a night.

All images courtesy of Book and Bed.

[h/t: My Modern Met]