9 Incredible Images of Wet Cats Shaking Themselves Off


A few years back, dog lovers got a major treat in the form of Carli Davidson’s high-speed photos of wet dogs’ faces captured mid-shake. Now cat people get to enjoy all the hilarity of wet pets, too. Davidson’s latest book of photography, SHAKE CATS, is 140 pages of pure delight. Davidson captures a host of different kitties as they try their best to slough liquid off their heads, resulting in a strangely beautiful array of dumb expressions mid-momentum. 

The cats pictured in the book are largely rescue cats from three Portland animal shelters. Davidson and two animal care specialists gave the cats an ear cleaning in the studio, as well as a bit of petting with damp hands. The unexpected liquid in their ears (which had the benefit of cleaning out dirt, wax, and ear mites) made the cats want to give their heads a vigorous shake, giving Davidson wonderful split second facial expressions that by turn look irate, alarmed, and goofy. Pictured above is Davidson's own feline roommate, Yushi.

Say hello to this adorable little rescue:

These eyes say, "I can't believe you would do this to me!"

I'm sure you're already familiar with one-time mental_floss guest editor Lil BUB?

Binx got a little snotty, it seems:

Katie looks pretty zen about the whole thing:

Lorax is a vigorous shaker:

Jaz, what's up with your tongue?

Go ahead, feline friends, shake it off.

The book is here, and I have never felt so strongly about recommending you buy something.  

All images by Carli Davidson