Doctor Who Dog K9 Is Getting His Own Movie

Kirstin Fawcett
Wikipedia / Wikipedia

Fans of the long-running BBC series Doctor Who might recall K9, the loveable robot dog who served as the Doctor’s not-so-fuzzy sidekick as the two traveled through space and time. Throughout the years, K9 has made appearances in both the original TV show and the reboot, as well as on several spinoffs, including The Sarah Jane Adventures and K9. Now, Doctor Who News has announced that the metal mutt will be getting his own feature-length movie.

Titled K9: Timequake, the film will be written by K9 creator—and longtime Doctor Who writer—Bob Baker. The action-adventure will occur in "deep space,” and will be filled with “dashing heroes and heroines, androids, monstrous aliens, and an ultimate foe”—Omega, a renegade Time Lord who served as one of the original series’ villains.

K9: Timequake's director and cast will be revealed in 2016, and the movie itself will be released in 2017—just in time for K9’s 40th birthday, as the canine made his first appearance in the 1977 episode “The Invisible Enemy.” For a sneak peek at K9's new "high-tech" movie look, click on over to Doctor Who News.  

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