Organize Your Knives With Magnetic Stickers

Michele Debczak
MAG Stickers
MAG Stickers / MAG Stickers

For many cooks, a quality knife set is the pride of their kitchen. Now home chefs can use nifty magnetic stickers to put their best blades on display while also clearing up prime counter real estate.

MAG stickers are made from flexible layers of cardboard, vinyl, and magnetic vinyl, and customers can get them made to order to perfectly match the silhouettes of their blades. Using the decals, any flat surface, like a kitchen cabinet, can be transformed into an impromptu knife holder. And if you decide you no longer want sharp knives floating around your kitchen, the stickers peel off cleanly without leaving any damage to the wooden surface. You can order a set of three stickers for $5.95 from MAG stickers’ Etsy shop

[h/t Gizmodo]