Card Shaped Device Lets You Keep Tetris in Your Wallet

Rebecca OConnell /

Designer Kevin Bates has a knack for condensing games into impossibly small devices. He created a business card that you can play Tetris on, and a similar Arduboy, a super thin Gameboy-like device that raised over $433,000 on Kickstarter, which acts as both a cool resume as well as a pocket gamer.

His newest addition to the wallet-sized game series is the MicroCard. This credit card shaped device is Tetris-licensed and allows users to subtly slip their game in and out of their wallet for easy gameplay.

The card has similar hardware to the Arduboy, but adapts a horizontal format. The controls are positioned on either side of the screen, making for better Tetris playing. It comes with a microUSB for charging and uploading your own open source applications. There are built-in speakers and a battery that lasts about six hours.

Unlike the Arduboy, the MicroCard is skipping the Kickstarter approach. You can buy one of these tiny consoles for $49 on presale. They won't be delivered until next year, but the best things come to those who wait.

[h/t Toyland]