If you’re a regular mental_floss reader, you know that if there’s one thing we love more than Halloween it might just be our four-legged family members. So in the midst of sharing some of our favorite costume ideas, suggesting the best wines to pair with your leftover Snickers, and uncovering a host of haunted places (from museums to hotels to colleges and beyond) this holiday season, we asked you—our readers—to share your own photos of your fuzziest trick-or-treaters. The results were impressive—and adorable—as the sampling of photos below shows.

There’s still time to show us your dressed-up pets. Tweet or Instagram your favorite pics with #MFPets.

When Watson was a hotdog a couple years ago. What an adorable gal. ❤️ #mfpets #watsonbean

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@mental_floss #MFPETS

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Bandit's one happy dinosaur! #minischnauzer #schnauzersofinstagram #mfpets

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Simon is ready. Ahoy matey! #mfpets

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"Am I a good Cleopatra?" #minischnauzer #schnauzersofinstagram #pphowl #pussyandpooch #mfpets

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The force is strong in Sophie. #MFpets

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Vanilla Ice, dragon slayer and Olan Mills portrait model. #mfpets #olanmills #dragonslayer #mentalfloss

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#mfpets the saddest penguin and grumpiest lion

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