Artist Paints Wonderful Designs on Used Tea Bags

Rebecca OConnell
Ruby Silvious
Ruby Silvious / Ruby Silvious

Artists know that art can be made from pretty much anything, even what others might consider trash. Take, for example, designer Ruby Silvious and her project 363 Days of Tea. As the name implies, Silvious plans to paint on one used tea bag every day for a year. 

The project, which Silvious started earlier this year, features a whole array of subjects. Each tea bag is used and stained, lending a new type of canvas to work with every day. The artist uses the ever-changing medium as a visual diary that records her daily moods and whims, and she works with a variety of materials, including paint, pencil, and mixed media to create elaborate designs. Some bags stay intact, while others are gutted and laid flat.

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[h/t: My Modern Met]