Make a No Mess Jack O'Lantern With This Virtual Carver

Caitlin Schneider /

For all its wonderful, spooky virtues, Halloween is a holiday that’s accompanied by a lot of performance anxiety. From choosing and composing a costume to finding the right place to party down on All Hallows Eve to making sure your witches brew has just the right mix of potions, it can all be a little overwhelming.

You can eliminate at least one of Halloween’s stresses with this handy dandy virtual pumpkin carver. Whether you’re looking for the fun of carving jack o’lanterns without all the mess, or just want to attempt a few designs before you take the plunge IRL, the tool is a great resource. It even comes with four different pumpkin options and when you’re done “carving,” the “create” button serves as a stand in for the votive candle, and illuminates the design. Best of all, if you totally mess up your great gourd-work, you can start all over again with no pumpkin flesh harmed in the making.

[h/t Visual News]