Here's What a Room Filled With Foam 'Clouds' Looks Like

Kohei Nawa
Kohei Nawa / Kohei Nawa

Most kids have fantasized about creating enough bubble bath foam to fill an entire room. Kyoto-based artist Kohei Nawa's art installation “Foamfulfilled that dream—but with more sophistication. The exhibit consisted of a large, black room sprawling with clouds of bubbly foam made from detergent, glycerin, and water. The foam was continuously pumped from eight different locations on the room's floor to create an effect of constant motion. In a statement on his website, Nawa describes the project like this:

Small bubbles (cells) continue to form on the surface of a gently lapsing liquid. They accumulate to form an autonomous structure comprised of foam. Each bubble cannot escape the cycle of birth and destruction, which is not unlike the way our cells operate as they metabolize and circulate.

Okay, so it’s a little more complex than the bubble bath from our childhood, but we’re sure it would still make for a wicked long soap beard. 

The installation was part of the 2013 Aichi Triennale art exhibition in Nagoya, Japan. You can watch a video from the exhibit below. 

All images courtesy of Kohei Nowa.

[h/t: Ignant]