This Flight Passenger Was Seated Next to His Dopplegänger


Somewhere in this great big world, it's very possible your dopplegänger is walking around right now. But it's less likely that they'll sit next to you on a plane.

Twitter user Lee Beattie delighted the Internet when she posted a picture of her friend's husband and a complete stranger sitting next to each other on a plane. The two rocked matching ginger hair and beards. Twitter users inevitably responded with Parent Trap jokes galore.

The story gets even stranger when they found a third man who also fits the description:

People who look uncannily similar is such a fascination for people, there is an entire website dedicated to finding "twin strangers." One photographer even rounded up a few of these unrelated twins and documented them. While scientists have said that doppelgängers are entirely possible, a lot of it is the result of our own biases. Science Line explains

You might read someone’s face in the order: eyes, mouth, nose. The size and placement of her eyes dictate the way you see the rest of her face. Another person might interpret these features in the order: nose, mouth, eyes. The brain gets the same signals, but the scrambled order places emphasis on the nose instead and adjusts the perception of the rest of the face. In this way, we all see each other differently, making the credibility of doppelgängers a bit suspect.