How well do you think you know movies? A new web game called Popcorn Garage takes a fun, creative approach to movie trivia: Instead of testing your knowledge of facts and dates, director filmographies, or production details, Popcorn Garage tests your visual memory.

Like a cinematic version of the classic I Spy game, Popcorn Garage asks players to identify images associated with popular movies. Players look at an illustration of an overstuffed garage, filled with 66 classic movie props, and type in the corresponding movie titles. The game tests players’ knowledge of film history—and their attention to detail.

Created by graphic designers Priska and Romain Zitouni, Popcorn Garage is Internet procrastination at its best: It’s beautifully designed and easy to play—plus, correct answers unlock bonus videos, which means even if you correctly identify all 66 films, you can linger on the site re-watching clips from your favorite movies.

Check out Popcorn Garage here. And, for if you find yourself stumped, you can always check out this YouTube video for the correct answers: