Stunning Aerial Photographs Capture New York City's Beauty

Rebecca OConnell
George Steinmetz
George Steinmetz / George Steinmetz

New York City has been captured in so many forms, mediums, and angles that it seems impossible any inch of the area could be still be unseen. But photographer George Steinmetz managed to capture the urban landscape in a completely fresh and breathtaking way. Taking to the sky, the photographer documented the city and all its boroughs. You can see distant—yet somehow intimate—pictures of iconic New York fixtures, like the Highline, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park.

Originally, Steinmetz only planned to photograph the city in February, but found himself captivated by the sights. He extended the project to incorporate all the seasons.

“I felt as if we were cruising through an extraordinary reef stocked with the most diverse forms of urban flora and fauna,” he wrote.

You can see all these awe-inspiring snapshots in Steinmetz's new book, New York Air: The View From Above.

All images courtesy of George Steinmetz.