Watch What Happens When You Mix Ferrofluid and Glow Sticks


If you’re familiar with ferrofluid, you know it’s a strange and awesome substance that’s popped up everywhere from internet videos to clocks to cauldrons (as well as far more practical applications). If you’re not familiar with the liquid, there's one thing you should know: watching this stuff never gets old.

The newest (and coolest way) to appreciate ferrofluid comes from Physics Girl, who tried out a few failed experiments with the ink-like liquid before hitting the jackpot with the chemicals inside glow sticks. Ferrofluid (a combination of ferromagnetic and fluid) contains nanoparticles of metal that react to magnets but are small enough that they don’t all clump together and sink to the bottom like a hunk of lead. When combined with the glowing, chemiluminescent liquid, the acrobatics of the dark fluid are totally mesmerizing as well as being totally awesome science.

Check out the video to hear Physics Girl Dianna Cowern explain the party happening in the petri dish.

[h/t The Kid Should See This]

Image header credit: YouTube