This Spray Can Attachment Converts Photos Into Graffiti

Michele Debczak
SprayPrinter / SprayPrinter

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating graffiti on par with the most impressive street art, this bit of smart tech can help you get started. The SprayPrinter attaches to a spray can and converts images from your phone into wall-sized, pixelated replicas—no artistic skill required.

It works through a companion app that breaks images down into pixels and sends the information to the attachment. Your smartphone’s camera then tracks the position of the SprayPrinter as it moves across the wall and controls when each spray of paint is released. The result is a larger-than-life dot matrix painting that anyone with patience and a smartphone can create.

Because the SprayPrinter uses your phone’s camera to track its movement rather than using a built-in sensor, the product will hopefully be affordable to a larger audience. The Estonian startup behind the device aims to make it available to the public through Indiegogo some time next month. In addition to being able to choose pre-selected designs from the app, users will also be able share, buy, and sell original images through the app’s online community. 

[h/t: Gizmodo