These Pop-Out Designs Maximize Your Window Space

Michele Debczak
Aldana Ferrer Garcia
Aldana Ferrer Garcia / Aldana Ferrer Garcia

For city dwellers, space and light have long been precious commodities, and the tiniest urban apartments often sacrifice one for the other. One industrial designer hopes to change that, by pushing apartment windows to their fullest potential.

Aldana Ferrer Garcia’s "MoreSky" project consists of three pop-out windows designed to bring residents a little closer to the outdoors. The "Hopper Niche" unfolds outward like an accordion and is apparently strong enough to support someone sitting on the frame and leaning against the glass. 

If you’re terrified by that idea, Garcia’s "Casement Niche" allows users to relax without leaning backwards onto a window. Its wedge design rotates outwards, providing the comfortable, flat seat of the sill to curl up onto.

The "Awning Niche" unfolds like an inverted "Hopper" model, creating a space for people to lean their elbows on and peer down below.

For apartment-dwellers who lack access to private outdoor space, these pop-out windows are like miniature sunrooms suspended above the city. It’s still just a concept, but maybe someday—after undergoing many intense safety tests—the design will become a reality for sunlight-loving urbanites. 

All images courtesy of Aldana Ferrer Garcia.

[h/t: Gizmodo]