Amazon Opens Its First Physical Bookstore Today

Rebecca OConnell
Amazon / Amazon

After 20 years of existing solely on the Internet, Amazon is finally getting into the bookstore game. Today, Amazon Books is opening in Seattle. The company's first physical store is located in Seattle's University Village, nestled right next to a Banana Republic. 

Working as a website/store hybrid, the shop will use data—like ratings, sales, and popularity—to determine what books to stock on the shelves. The books will be displayed face out instead of spine out, in order to let customers get a good look at each cover. Underneath each book will be a card with its Amazon ratings and reviews. (Reading devices like the Kindle and Fire Tablet will also be available.)

This brick-and-mortar location is a permanent store—not a pop-up shop. That means if it goes well, other cities might start seeing their own IRL versions of the Amazon site. The ability to walk in and look at physical books might be a draw for some, though some may still feel a fierce attachment to their neighborhood bookstores.

[h/t: The Verge]