A Wooden Bench That Molds to Your Body When You Sit on It

Kirstin Fawcett
Sitskie / Sitskie

Love the look and functionality of solid-wood furniture, but hate the feel? Los Angeles-based design studio Sitskie gives discerning decorators the best of both worlds with a line of custom-made wooden furniture that bends and flexes under your body as you sit. 

The pieces are handcrafted from separate wooden segments, which are joined together with elastic to overlay an upholstered surface. They provide owners with the give and comfort of a cushioned couch—but unlike their cloth-covered counterparts, they won’t fade, fray, or stain.

Designer and craftsman Adam Friedman told Fast Company he was inspired to develop this technology because “basically everyone hates upholstery." He calls the design the Block System. "There's a finite time before [fabric] gets destroyed and that's a problem I always thought about,” Friedman says. “The Block series is the evolution of the upholstered piece—how do you have something durable and long-lasting, but still yields?"

One of Friedman’s newest creations is the "Block Benched Armed," which comes in a variety of sizes and ranges in price from $4000 to $6200. Check out how it works in the pictures below:

All photos courtesy of Sitskie 

h/t Co.Design]