Nirvana Fans Can Now Bid on a Lock of Kurt Cobain's Hair

Julien's Live
Julien's Live / Julien's Live

Gooey-eyed lovers have long kept locks of their loved one's hair as a sign of love and devotion. In some cultures, people believed that owning a piece of someone's hair gave you power over them. With these traditions in mind, it's no wonder someone would want to buy a lock of Kurt Cobain's hair on the Internet.

Fortunately for them, on November 7 Julien’s Live will be auctioning off the Nirvana frontman's hair, and the green cardigan he wore on MTV Unplugged, along with over 300 items that once belonged to big names like Eddie Vedder, the Beatles, John Lennon, and Elvis Presley. According to the listing, Courtney Love commissioned artist Dame Darcy to create an unsettling doll for their daughter out of some of Cobain's hair. The leftover locks are now being auctioned off, starting at a cool $4000.

This sale is not the first time big money has been thrown around for Cobain's knick-knacks. In February, his expired credit card was auctioned off for tens of thousands of dollars.

[h/t: SPIN]