Massive Mural in Italy Depicts the Evolution of the World

StreetArtNews / StreetArtNews

Italian graffitist Blu knows the art of making a statement. The street artist is known for painting politically themed murals on walls around the world, pieces that often comment on the status of his home country or make reference to the political and social histories of the countries that he visits. During a recent trip to Rome, Blu rappelled down the face of a seven-story building to complete his latest work, a vertical evolutionary timeline of the world.

The mural begins in the sea and spirals up through the various eras, with dinosaurs and other animals around the center and homo sapiens emerging higher up. Blu depicts the crumbling of civilization at the top of the spiral, with buildings falling as technology and human influence destroy the world. The level of detail is impressive, especially when you consider the fact that the artist did it while hanging from cables.