These Soap Bubbles Form Ice Crystals Right Before Your Eyes

Rebecca OConnell

When it gets cold out (and we mean -13° F), bubbles start to do something a little unusual. As soon as you blow one, the bubble begins to form star-shaped ice crystals. Eventually the whole bubble will freeze over before inevitably popping. Photographer Chris Ratzlaff discovered this neat trick and has been fiddling with these icy bubbles for some time. He came up with the following recipe for heartier bubbles that won't pop as easily in the cold weather: 

200ml warm water 35ml corn syrup 35ml dish soap 2tbs sugar

Mix these ingredients together and chill in the freezer. Now you'll have the perfect solution to make your own crystallized bubbles. 

Ratzlaff is not the only one making these icy spheres. You can see other videos of photographers trying their hand at the bubbles:

[h/t The Kid Should See This]