This Magnetic Notebook Lets You Add, Remove, and Reorganize Its Pages

CJ Goodman via Kickstarter
CJ Goodman via Kickstarter / CJ Goodman via Kickstarter

It’s getting harder for traditional notebooks to compete with technology. Though stylish and classic, a notebook isn’t as forgiving of our mistakes or as accommodating to last-minute changes as a word processor. The Rekonect Notebook does things a little differently with the addition of one twist: a magnetic spine. 

The unique feature makes it possible for owners to add, remove, and reorganize the pages of their journal however they wish. Sheets can be slipped out and scanned, placed on a flat surface for sketching, or even loaded into a printer to avoid copying text from your computer by hand. The 120-page notebook also acts as its own pen holder, just as long as your pen has a metal clip.

CJ Goodman via Kickstarter

CJ Goodman via Kickstarter

The project's creators hope to raise $75,000 on Kickstarter before the notebooks ship out. For a pledge of $34 or more, donors receive one Rekonect Notebook and an extra 60 sheets of paper which come in blank, dotted, lined, or graph style. The campaign still has over a month to raise the less than $50,000 that remains of the goal, and the notebooks are expected to ship by April 2016. If you’re an organization fanatic or know someone who is, you can secure a Rekonect of your own by pledging here.