500 Discovered Exoplanets in One Epic Poster

Michele Debczak
Martin Vargic via Halcyon Maps
Martin Vargic via Halcyon Maps / Martin Vargic via Halcyon Maps

Since the first exoplanet was detected a few decades ago, astronomers have discovered nearly 2000 worlds outside our solar neighborhood. In one ambitious poster, Slovak graphic designer Martin Vargic portrays 500 of them in colorful detail. 

When creating his impressions of the exoplanets, Vargic took factors like estimated radius, temperature, density, age, and stellar metallicity into consideration. Some artistic license obviously had to be taken when adding other details, as most visual evidence we have of exoplanets is in the form of blips in front of stars

The resulting visualization paints a picture of the astounding diversity observed in extraterrestrial planets. Super-Earths, Hot Jupiters, Hot Neptunes, water worlds, gas dwarfs, and super-dense diamond planets are a few of the known classifications that Vargic chose to include. Each planet is labeled, and for a more detailed look you can view a larger image here or you can buy a poster of your own on zazzle.com.

MartinVargic via Halcyon Maps

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