Apparently Lots of Artists Forget to Include New Zealand on Maps

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

New Zealand has 103,483 square miles of land, and a population of over four million people. It’s famous for its world-class wines and spectacular landscapes. Director Peter Jackson, Keith Urban, and Russell Crowe all hail from the island nation. So why do graphic designers consistently leave it off world maps?

World Maps Without New Zealand is a Tumblr that documents how often the bizarre phenomenon occurs. From Risk boards to the world map in front of Geneva’s United Nations office (yes, New Zealand is a founding member of the United Nations), you’d be surprised how little representation one of the world’s largest major island groups actually receives.

Check out more examples of this embarrassing (albeit hilarious) oversight online—and try not to feel too slighted if you're a Kiwi.