Keep Your Money Organized and Your Phone Charged With This Nifty Wallet

Anna Green
Nomad / Nomad

If you’re always running out the door without remembering to charge your phone, Nomad wants to make your life a little bit easier. Their new Wallet for iPhone is simple and convenient: it will charge your phone, hold your money, and fit in your pocket. 

The impressively thin wallet hides a compact battery that can provide a full charge to the iPhone 6s. But what’s really neat about the charger is that it’s designed to be inconspicuous: it’s not a flashy gadget with a dizzying range of functions. Rather, it combines two necessary items into one unobtrusive device.

Part of Nomad’s mission statement is to help people own “fewer things.” So while the wallet is technologically sophisticated, its end goal is simplicity.

Credit: Nomad

[h/t: WIRED]